Recommended Best Smartphone Screen Size Display For Different Smartphone Users

Screen display and size i will say it the first thing that catches our eyes when looking for a mobile smartphone to buy .You go into a mobile shop or you are checking online, the first thing to look out for is the size and screen of the device as it's the first thing that catches our eyes.

We all have our different tastes and choices when choosing what we like and mobile phone is not left out. But when you are planning to buy a smartphone first thing that should come into your mind is the type of user you are, are you the type that it is just to listen to music and make call, browse the net and watch videos offline and online or are you a game lover and always want to play games with your device. All these things leads to the screen display of a phone you should go for.

Recommended Screen size display for different smartphone users 

User who listen to music, play minor games, chat with friends and make calls; if you are such smartphone user i tell you you don't really need a big size screen cause it will not make sense to you unless you too loves big screen device. If you are looking for a phone to buy i would recommend a screen between 4.7 to 5.0 inch screen display mobile device. It is a perfect size to test or to chat, doesn't require to hold it with both hands and be chatting with your friends and you can put it inside your pocket and be listening to your favorite songs and be doing other things with your hands.

User who loves to browse the net, chat with friends and also listen to music; if you are in this category, i would recommend a smartphone with a screen display of 5.0 to 5.2 inch display. Reason is because since you always love to browse the net, it is good to have a device that will make you to feel like as if you are using a pc to browse the net that is the pictures and writings will be big or moderate. And with such device it will be easy to use one hand to chat with your friends or family and can as well carry it in your pocket and be going about.

User who loves to play high console games or HD Games, browse the net and chat with friends; in this category, i would recommend a smartphone with screen display of 5.2 to 5.5 inch screen display reason is because playing high console games or high dimension(HD) games is sweeter when you are with a large screen device. You imagine yourself playing Gangstar Vegas, WWE mortals, NBA 2k16 etc on a small screen phone it won't be enjoyable cause the graphics and pictures will be small. If you found yourself in this category you go for a big screen phone from 5.2 inch display and upward.

User who loves to stream or watch videos offline and online, play high console games and browse the net; in this category, i would recommend a tablet but since not everyone would love to carry or have tablet, the screen size i would recommend is between 5.5 to 6.0 inch screen display. This is the category i found myself and am planning to buy a tablet which will help me to enjoy online videos especially when am streaming live football match. Just imagine yourself watching your favorite team on your big screen phone or tablet then your television is of no use then. I'm love to watch videos online and offline, stream live football matches, play high console games and lastly a heavy internet users and though my lg g2 D802 screen size of 5.2 inch display is helping me a lot but it is not enough. I hate to carry my laptop about, it is always in the house till am back but always prefer my smartphone to my pc.

If you are the type is just to make call and that's all then you need a Nokia touch phone cause that will be helpful to you.


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