Best Android Application For Tattoo Lovers And Android Users

Tattooing is one thing that is trending for our youths and for some adults in this modern world now.

For some they love it but don't want to have it in their bodies due to family background, environment or ones faith and this restrict them from Tattooing their skin.

There's this app on Google play store called tattoo for all, you have to play with by uploading and pasting it on your pics just to have fun or see what your friends will say about it. There's so many tattoo application on play store but this one which is very news is a nice app and whereas the application is for all that is both male and female tattoos.

It has up to 8000 plus tattoo designs with many celebrity tattoos and Up to 44 different categories of traditional art design like the Chinese writing, Indian traditional writing, animal symbols, Japanese writing, zodiac some tribal writings and tattooing etc. Please this application is just for fun and nothing much, just to play with your friends that you now have a tattoo on your skin and that's just that. Mind you i have no tattoo on my skin and not promoting one(before people will start saying) i just came through this app and decided to share with everyone and for those that would like to play with it or to really learn some tattoo designs or art and traditional writing in tattooing, so please don't take it too personal.

Lastly tattoo for all is available for all the Android version and you can download it from the link below.

Download tattoo for all here


  1. Is it using data and also how can i add tattoos on my pic