Long Waited Apple Music For Android Now Available On Google Play Store

One of the best application on Apple store Apple Music is now available after a long wait by Android users to see how it's going to be and feel.
Apple Music for Android was finally made available today though it's a trial version just like the iOS users and which runs for three months and after it will require you to purchase for it.

Apple Music for Android also enables Android users to have a direct link to iTunes and will be listening to beats 1 radio which is one of the best features of this application.

The Apple Music app listing on the Google Play Store states that music videos are coming soon to the app. Also, you will need a Mac or iOS in order to sign up for a family membership and upgrades. Apple CEO Tim Cook said that company’s music service now has 6.5 million paying customers, with 8.5 million users in a trial period.

Apple Music for Android is still on beta so not all features are available and after the trial period is over, it will now be $9.99 for a month. Apple Music for Android is available for Android 4.3 version and Up.
But if you are not willing to pay after the free three months trial then you can use other music apps like Shazam encore.

 Download Apple Music for Android here


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