Airtel Nigeria Weekend Data Plan Is Perfectly Working

There's have been a rumor going around that airtel weekend data plan is fake and not working and it is just to entice or draw Nigerians to airtel network.
But that is a very big lie in fact am suspecting other network providers to be the one that started this false rumor.
The airtel weekend data plan which i did last week is working perfectly okay and there's no double data deduction like some of their data plan especially their BlackBerry data plan which deducts double mega byte for Android users.

I subscribed to this airtel weekend data last week and didn't finish it and airtel carried it to this week which i think is the final week for it to expire. So if you purchase for the airtel weekend data plan this week and didn't finish it, it will still be carried to the upper week so it is not a must to finish it that same week if you got nothing to do with the bundle.

If you hear someone saying this is fake tell him or her is an agent to mtn, etisalat or glo cause this is really a big competition and let me see what other network providers will come up with and i hope airtel still maintains this.
If you want to subscribe to the new Airtel weekend data plan just load N100 on your airtel sim and dial *474*1# and you will be given 1GB data bundle which only works on Saturdays and Sundays as the name implies(weekend data) and to check your bundle balance dial *140#.


  1. can I subscribed multiple times?

  2. Not on a particular sim, of you have two airtel sim you can do on the two that is 2GB for N200

  3. I have four airtel sims and non is eligible,wat should i do

  4. As of this week its now sim selective, activated for someone but my friend was showing non eligible and there's nothing to do but to try on another sim. It wasn't like this as of last week but let me see what the latest development will be.

  5. Sorry bro nothing to do about it but to check another sim.