Have You Update Your WhatsApp To Version 2.12.367 For The Latest Features

One of the best and popular messaging or chat application whatsapp updated its application to version 2.12.367 which has some great features in it.
The new features includes starred messages, the starred messages which helps you to bookmark a favorite chat and put it in a separate category so as to be easy for one to locate. How to go about this feature is press hold on a particular chat message you want to star it and for you to locate the starred messages, just go to chat tab>menu >starred messages and that's it.

Another feature is links one received on whatsapp will show preview like the image thumbnail and headline just like when one post a link on Facebook. So with this feature if someone sends any link to your whatsapp the preview will show and for you to have a glimpse of the link is but if you don't like this particular feature, one can disable it straight ahead and the option for that is already there.

And then last feature is the Android direct share which you can share a chat message but the con of this feature is that it is not for every Android versions as it is only for Android 6.0 Marshmallow users, so if you are running on jellybean or lollipop sorry this feature isn't for you. Then lastly whatsapp will now be $0.99 after the first year is over, this is just an extreme cheap price which requires one to use Mastercard to pay for it if you are in Nigeria.
If you haven't seen this features please update your whatsapp through Google play store and if you are new to whatsapp please download it from Google play store as well and enjoying your chatting as it gets better with whatsapp.

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  1. Good tips to update your WhatsApp to a new version in your Smartphone. I think that this is a good review having valueable information