Is Nokia Back In Smartphone Business With The Leaked Images Of Nokia C1

Questions have been asked if the former mobile giant company Nokia will be returning to smartphone production after the leaked images of Nokia c1.
Nokia which sold its right and software to Microsoft in 2011 though finalized in 2013 made a statement that they will be back in smartphone production but will require to partner with a company as they have already sold out their right to produce mobile phones.

There have been flood images of Nokia c1 going around the internet indicating that very soon Nokia will be back to producing mobile phones though no oneone is 100% sure if the images are truly genuine or Photoshop. The Nokia c1 which is rumored to be of two variants that is two operating system Android and Windows 10 mobile, 5 inch HD display, 32GB internal storage with 2GB RAM and 8-megapixel camera.

Earlier on Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri said that Nokia is planning on returning to smartphone production in 2016 but i think that will be when their deal with Microsoft runs over in the mid 2016 as they won't be able to use their brand name till the deal is over. But i must say why didn't Nokia port to Android when others were doing so cause you can't compare Nokia Symbian Belle(their last OS) to Android maybe arrongancy killed them or maybe best known to them. If Nokia comes back to smartphone production, they cause a huge competition between Samsung and iPhone cause people will still trust their device as Nokia undoubtedly have the best Battery life, very durable and strong hardware device and here in Nigeria Nokia were leading till Android became so popular and Windows Mobile weren't and if they come back the will come on top unless Samsung fights hard.

Also Nokia is known to produce both high end, affordable and low end phone so them coming back again won't find it difficult to sell their device and i know people are really waiting for them.


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