Updated Glo Subscribers Check These New Released Glo Data Subscription Plan

Glo users or data subscribers who wouldn't want to use either mtn BB10 or Etisalat smart pack tweak here's the full details of the new released data package for their subscribers.
If you are interested just take a look at the pic below and select the plan you like best.

You can download the image and view it better.


Glo released another of their data bundle or will i say the made some ammendment to their previous bundle price, as you can now get 1.2GB data bundle at N1000(no longer 1GB at N1000. The subscription code is *127*53# and you can check your data bundle with this *127*0# and also note that it doesn't require any tunnel software to be able to browse with it.

But sometimes i do ask myself do people still use glo here in Nigeria cause in my state glo network is as good as dead. There's no network here unlike before it use to be full network bar but this year it gets worse, browsing is hell and to make is worse than hell. Glo being owned by Nigerian and just look at the way it is not growing at all even etisalat that came last is expanding at a fast rate with their high speed connection. If you know anybody that works with glo please tell them they need to up their services especially here in South South and South East.

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