Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of Rooting Your Android Phone

You heard that rooting your android phone might cause damage to it and will eventually get bricked, this is just a usual talk.
Yes poor or bad rooting might have a device get bricked but how many android smartphone have you heard that bricked their phone when rooting it,tha is it you haven't heard or seen right. Rooting your device is just an easy task, wouldn't take up to 3mins and you are done and i tell you nothing will happen to your phone at all especially with popular and good rooting applications.

See where rooting can brick your device. You rooted your phone and installed custom ROMs and you know that custom ROMs are other device softwares that wasn't pre-installed or came with your phone and with root access you have the custom ROMs installed in your phone, any slightest mistake will have your phone bricked. This is where i see most phones getting bricked and is due to the fact that they installed an improper or bad custom ROMs but if you root your device without installing any custom ROMs nothing will happen to your phone though many would say what's the importance of rooting without installing custom ROMs. If you the type that is afraid of getting your phone bricked, please stay away from custom ROMs even if it is the very best one.

Rooting your device is very useful cause there are nice Android apps which requires root access before it can work so without rooting your phone it won't work and you know the major advantage of rooting your phone is to have full access to it which you can remove unwanted pre-installed apps or bootware that eats up device internal storage.

The only major draw back for me for a rooted phone is that you won't be able to update your phone through OTA unless you unroot your phone. If your phone is rooted please don't try to update it through OTA cause it can brick your phone, what you will do is to unroot and then update it and root again or you update it manually. Then they will say rooting your device will make it to loose it's security but i tell you it's a false myth, your phone will still be what it is.

If you are afraid of rooting your phone please there's nothing to be afraid of unless you installs a custom Rom there's where problem always start so just root your phone and have full access to it thanks. Have any question concerning rooting please feel free to say it.


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