Addicted Android Smartphone Users Here's A Life Tool Guide For Your Eyes

Are you the type that hardly put your phone down, always looking into your device that is called phone addiction. Phone addiction is a very bad habit one will have cause it has so many disadvantages not concentrating on your studies if you are a student, or in your work place or anywhere you are and the major disadvantage is eye damaging.

Before it use to be not staying close to the television, not staying too long on the computer but now we have smartphones which are portable and easy to carry about, things got worst especially on we the young ones who always find ourselves browsing, chatting or playing games with our phone and many do that non stop till their battery runs down. You are damaging your eye sight due to the amount of light rays that passes through the Retina,  I do wear glasses and sometimes thinks it's cause of excessive use of computer.

Many people tends not to stop this addiction and i tell you this will damage your sight and of course your brain as time goes on cause all these things are stress to the eyes and your brain. If you are addicted to your phone that you hardly put it down, there’s this application i have for you that will reduce the bright light on your device both during the day and especially in the night or in the dark.
There are so many of them on Play Store but i will post the best one that will help to reduce too much brightness on your phone.

Night mode: this is the best best light reduction app i will recommend to any android user because of the way application is made. As the name implies, it reduces the brightness of your android screen cause in some mobile brands even when you reduce the screen brightness to the lowest, in the night it will still be bright so this night mode app plays a huge role there and you will be the one to set it to your desired percentage. Night mode also helps to increase your device brightness so its not just to reduce but to also increase the brightness.
This also helps to optimize battery of a phone especially on AMOLED device.

Download Night mode here

Screen Filter: then here comes screen filter for android which also play a similar role like the night mode by reducing the screen brightness to your desired level by adjusting the built in colour filter. Screen Filter is made of jellybean, KitKat and lollipop and have both the free and paid versions.

Download screen filter here 

There's so many of them on Google play store but this two is better and okay i think but if you have a better one than these two that i posted please share with us thanks. Like i said before they help to reduce the brightness of your android screen even when you reduce by default it will still be bright in the night but with night mode or screen filter it will reduce it to the lowest and it works on all applications and whereas they don't require data connection cause they are offline android applications.