Why Apple Products Are Not Selling In The Nigeria Smartphone Market

Have you ever wondered why Apple Products are not selling in the Nigeria Mobile Market, some will say Apple are too arrogant and wouldn't want to waste their time in the developing countries especially Africa.

Apple products are very nice but doesn't come at a cheap rate, their smartphone is one of the best selling phone in the world and many people would die just to have an iPhone or iPad but here in Nigeria it's a story for another day.

Then i decided to ask some people if they would go for Apple products like their smartphone or iPad or even ipdod etc. Nothing even a single person said yes even a high salaried medical doctor told me it is a waste of money. For some people Apple products especially their iPhone and iPad are very costly to afford it is not a poor man or even an average man thing and their affordable Samsung, LG or even infinix and tecno is serving them well.

But i will blame this on the economy and this time around is worst and seriously i don't expect someone on a salary of N70,000 monthly to purchase a mobile phone of N260,000. And also Apple doesn't seem to care unlike other smartphone manufacturers that will produce a high end device, affordable device and also a poor man device. Here in Nigeria the number of people using infinix mobile phone, tecno, InnJoo etc is much to compare to the population that do use Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC reason being that these ones are very cheaper and offer great specs and this started with tecno.

So now i do realize the reason why Apple smartphones and other products isn't selling in the Nigerian market because their products are way too costly for us and this is a country where most people are average. But am looking forward to have one one day and to explore what is driving people crazy.