Airtel Introduces The New Time Based Unlimited Data Plan For Every Device

Airtel Nigeria just recently launched a new data plan called the time or hourly based Unlimited data. The data plan which is very similar to that of etisalat paygo but little bit expensive when compared to that of etisalat paygo data.

The new Airtel time based unlimited data plan is of 4 different categories and all with 1 day maximum validity period, which their main motive is to offer Nigerians Unlimited data based on time frame.

The airtel time based goes like this 5minute for N15, 10minute for N30, 30min for N90 and the last package is the 1hour plan for N180.

How to subscribe to the Airtel time based unlimited data 
To subscribe to any of the 4 Airtel time based unlimited data plans, simply dial the code *439# and then reply with the number that corresponds with any of the 4 plans that best suits you, after which you will be asked to reply with 1 to activate the plan.

Remember that the new Airtel time based plan has a one day validity period, meaning that any unused time left will expire the next day.

Please this airtel time based data subscription plan is mearnt for downloaders especially heavy downloaders, if you just are mere internet user please do not use it both for just browsing or chatting on your phone. And if you want to download full well with this plan, first of all pack all your download links at one place and immediately you subscribed to the airtel time based data start your download without wasting any seconds or minute. I used this airtel time based data bundle to download a file of 3GB under one hour twelve minutes and you can achieve more than that too.


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