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How To Know Original and Fake Power Bank

Powerbank is a very useful power device to have, which helps us to charge our mobile device in the case we find our self in a situation where there is no electricity to charge our mobile phone or tablet when our battery runs down.
Having a powerbank is very useful and good but problem may arise when you buy or have a fake one which can cause hazard to your phone by damaging it or the battery or even catch fire and in the process destroy your phone or tablet.

So today i will help you in identifying the original and fake power Bank especially here in Nigeria where we have so many fake power banks and also give you the best power Bank to buy right here in Nigeria.

How to identify a fake Powerbank 

  1. The first and foremost in identifying a fake power Bank is if the powerbank has a brand name. When buying a powerbank, check if it has a brand name cause many powerbanks especially those sold here in Nigeria doesn't have a brand name instead what will be written on it will be POWER BANK. When you such one don't buy it's a fake power Bank and might damage your phone. 
  2. Fake powerbank comes with a fake capacity like for example you see a powerbank written 50000mAh but charges a phone or tablet battery of 2500mAh just once or twice. Such Power Bank is confirmed fake one and if you continue using it, know that on the long run it will damage your phone or tablet. 
  3. Most fake power Banks especially the ones sold here usually have a very high capacity written on it like for example a power Bank capacity being 50000Mah,100000mAh or even 30000mAh. Most of them are fake though some might be original but as long as it's here in Nigeria, it's confirmed fake don't buy.

How to know Original powerbank

  1. Original power Bank comes with a brand name. 
  2. It doesn't have exergerated high capacity like 30000mAh,50000mAh,100000mAh etc. 
  3. The charging capacity tallies with what it is written on it depending on your battery capacity too. 

List of good powerbanks sold here in Nigeria 

Romoss power Bank: My very best powerbank which i always recommend any person to buy. It's a very strong power Bank with a great charging life circle especially the sense4 which charge my lg g3 battery of 3000mah 5 good times. 

Lumsing™ power Bank : Another powerful power Bank even better than romoss power Bank, which can charge a battery capacity of 3000mah up to seven good times before it runs down. But you have to know it not popular here in Nigeria.

To buy original romoss power bank for your mobile phone or tablet Click Here- Romoss Power Bank -

Xiaomi™ power Bank is another power Bank too which is okay but not as good as the other two above.

To buy original xiaomi power bank click Here Xiaomi Power Bank-

Other good  quality power Bank to buy are Ankers,Adata,Samsung. If you have your own you can list that through the comment box. 

That's it and with this guide you won't be a victim of buying or owning a fake power Bank. 
Bear in mind that these power Banks that i listed have so many fake ones in the market, but in my next post i will be treating on how to identify original
and fake romoss, lumsing, xiaomi, ankers, adata and Samsung power Bank. 
  1. Tnx for the information bro,more grease to your elbows

  2. Is pineng a fake power bank??

    1. Pineng is not Fake Power Bank.

      1. Check the verification sticker domain before buy.
      2. Fake domain
      3. Genuine domain

      You May Also Check

      - Black color packaging is international packaging. Packaging and user manual are in English.
      - White or brown color packaging are China packaging. Packaging and user manual are in Chinese. 80% of this packging in the market are fake products.

      Power Bank Body Cover Material
      - Genuine PINENG power bank body cover are made with high quality PC+ABS material.
      - Fake PINENG power bank cover made with poor plastic. The cover is rough, bad hand feeling and power bank will hot while charging.

      Warranty Period
      - Genuine PINENG power bank provide 1 year warranty. Beware of the PINENG power bank seller which unable to provide 1 year exchange warranty.

      Questionable Price
      - Always check the updated price at If the selling prices are too cheap, you have reason to be suspicious.

      Authorized Letter
      There's only few authorized distributor / seller in Malaysia. Beware of the seller that without PINENG authorized letter, or provide fake authorized letter, unclear authorized letter, modified authorized letter, expired authorized letter.

  3. @chidi no but the issue is knowing the original one. My friend owns one bought it from Jumia i think and still using it(up to six months now)

  4. Power bank or power box as we call are truly important for domestic use as we travel we do not have time to charge our mobiles at that point while driving we can charge our mobiles and save precious time as well as important calls which needs to be attended bottom line power banks are real need for corporate guys and i see they are pretty cheap now a days is one such site where i ordered power Bank for 999 and iam sure there are many more websites which sell much cheaper.

  5. Where did u buy the romoss power bank was it the 10400 capacity or the 20000 capacity and how was it...advice me please

    1. That was last two years on Konga and it was 10400mAh. Romoss 20,000mAh capacity is very powerful but it is to get the original one, for example i first bought a fake one on Konga and had to return it like twice and finally bought the original one and that time there's no 20,000mAh capacity. Originally romoss power Bank has a Big C with an arrow across it. That is you will see the tiny arrow symbol and then you will know it's original. Maybe i will upload the pics.

  6. What about Samsung power banks. How to tell original from fake

    1. One thing is that you will hardly see a fake Samsung power bank, most fake power banks are of Chinese products like romoss, xiaomi etc.

  7. I have a 6kmah battery that's equally a lamp too.
    It lasts and the lighting is perfect
    It's Adata
    And even selling it double at school here

  8. Oh adata is really nice and equally costly.

  9. What capacity is the best?

  10. Samsung Power Bank

    They don't have any kind of LED light or Torch Light.

    If it is a Fake Brand, there will be no S/N number written on it. secondly BarCode will be their

  11. Sir AMAECHI.. Please we need streaming link of matches!!!!!


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