Five Best Android Browsers To Have On Your Smartphone In 2015

Browsers are one of the major application to have in an Android smartphone, some browsers come pre-installed on some Android Smartphones with the default browser. Though your Android phone might have some great browsers pre-installed, it's good to have the best browser which consists of design, layout, speed both in surfing and downloading etc.

There are many Android Browsers in the play store but here I've five best Android browsers both for surfing and downloading as well.

Best Android Browsers In 2015 

Google Chrome 
Google Chrome is undoubtedly my number browser for Android though i know some will disagree especially those that love to download a lot with their browser. One thing i like Google Chrome for Android is the hardware acceleration it uses to make browsing feel smoother and snappier, and it can pre-load pages based on what links it thinks you'll click, just like desktop Chrome. Other features like it makes it fast  like instant search results and your history right from your URL address bar and the download speed is quite okay though i won't recommend it to any whose main aim is based on downloading.

FireFox browser
Firefox is also one of the best browser for Android which is very similar to that of its desktop version like sync your bookmarks, history, passwords and tabs,  AdBlock Plus and LastPass Password Manager.
With Firefox browser for Android you can swipe to alternate between sites you visit the most  it will on the homepage which makes it easy to access your most visited sites.

There's Special guest browsing sessions can be initiated, meaning that somebody else who uses your device will not be able to see your browsing history, passwords or bookmarks and also private browsing tab which makes firefox not track your browsing history and will not keep cookies or other temporary Internet files.

Opera Mobile 
Opera mobile is my most used application when surfing the net, cause of its smoothness, the brightness, the design. This their updated version now makes it easy to load pages faster especially if you are having a poor network connection and a page loaded with pictures. They have improved the download features which it's now faster when downloading on opera mobile unlike before though to download a very huge file might be difficult.

The latest version also helps to minimize your data connection and to save and bookmark a page is a one step thing. This is the most easy browser to use both on desktop and mobile and will always recommend it to any person that loves to surf only.

Dolphin browser for Android 
I wouldn't lie to you i mostly use dolphin browser when downloading though some people use it as their main browser both in downloading and surfing the net.
In dolphin browser, there’s an auto filling in passwords, blocking ads, adjusting the brightness of the page, full screen the browser, add a speed dial page and blocking pop-ups automatically.
One great feature i like about this browser it the speed it has, the speed is awesome when loading a page even a page stock with pics and then the download speed is superb. Dolphin browser download smoothly and faster without failing or corrupting the file especially if the Dolphin Jetpack is installed.

Ucweb or UC browser for Android 
A lot of people here in Nigeria uses ucweb or UC browser when downloading especially if it's a very large file. The major feature of UC browser is the ability to download a very huge file without failing and with a lightning and thunderous speed.

It incredibly loads a page extremely fast especially on a high Internet connection and you can instantly switch between recently visited pages without the need to reload.
It also got a night mode feature which helps to read without discomfort in the eyes during the night.

These are the features that made me to rate these Android Browsers high above others but if you think this list is wrong you can add yours. There are other features in these apps  maybe you just read about them and download them from Google play store. 

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  1. the best out there is adblock browser try it