Get Ready For Simple Android Server v3.0 That Doesn't Require Root Or Autoproxy

Makers of one of the most used Android app in Nigeria called Android Simple Server is on the verge of releasing the latest version of the software android simple server version 3.0
and this version doesn't require any root access that is it can work on any browser, application, or even open any website without the use of autoproxy which requires root access.

There's no doubt that most Nigerians who always go for free browsing tweaks use the simple server and in the case their phone must be rooted for them to enjoy it more though Psiphon Handler is now playing a good job.

If you are a hard user of simple server you will notice that it doesn't stream with most stream application even when powering it with autoproxy or proxydroid, that is where openvpn connect and Psiphon Handler is better.

So according to them, the new simple Android server will not require root access for you to able to access any apps and it will have a vpn tunnel and will work with any apps, browser, or stream apps without using autoproxy or proxydroid.

So guys if you already have the simple server version 2.0 installed on your Android device, always check for the update through Google play store.


  1. A Nigerian made simple server?
    Wow! I had no idea

  2. Can't wait for it to be available... sas dey rock joor