How to Share WiFi Hotspot Via Psiphon Handler With Etisalat social Pack on PC

Are you among those that have been asking on how to browse with this etisalat social pack on their pc, there’s a new way to do that that is through WiFi hotspot Tethering. But please this procedure will require you to root your phone or if you don't want to use this method then go for USB Tethering.

Rooted phone
Download DF Tethering fix here
PC Enabled WiFi.

How to connect or tether Psiphon Handler on your pc

  • First of all launch your Psiphon Handler and allow it to connect and make sure it's connected on your Android smartphone. 
  • Enable WiFi hotspot on your Android smartphone 
  • Launch the Df Tetheringfix and click on fix Tethering 
  • Enable super user on your phone 
  • Enable WiFi connection on your pc from your phone’s hotspot connection 
  • At initial it will write 0 bytes and might also show no network connection 
Click properties and highlight the ipv4 setting on your pc

Click properties again and set your DNS. But if you are finding it difficult to connect to your PC using this method, then connect it through USB Tethering that is using your phone as a modem and plugging in your USB cable drive into your pc with the other end connected to your phone. But you must install your device drivers before this can be able to work for you like in the days of Nokia it is Nokia pc suite and for lg phones it is lg suite so go to your mobile phone brand website and download the required drivers for your phone. After that install them on your pc and connect
your phone to your PC through the USB cable drive, it will on its own locate your phone and install the remaining drivers.

In some mobile phone brands, install a device drivers to the computer will require an internet connection and in this case a tunnel software like simple server or openvpn connect will not work at that time so it is better to subscribe to Etisalat or airtel normal bundle and configure your phone on your pc and after everything is done and set, you continue your with the tweaks.

Reconnect it again and it will start receiving bytes. But you must get a fast ip to enjoy it most and bear in mind this is working 100%right and thanks to @mortal for this.


  1. Hi,

    What of a reverse case? Using your system as the hotspot. Tethering to the phone.

  2. No way, you have to use your phone by connecting your Psiphon Handler first.

  3. Thanks. But i have an issue. Only facebook and twitter is browsing. No other site opens.

  4. Is your Psiphon Handler connected on your Android smartphone and which browser are you using on your pc

  5. There is no any DNS pics here

  6. Sorry ghazi didn't understand, what are really saying.

  7. nice one I tried it and boom it worked

  8. Janet please hope you don't mind, are you male or female

  9. Awesome post... works like a charm. tnx! πŸ‘Œ

  10. pls does it work for the whole system?

    1. Yes bro any any intermet software in your pc.