September 2015 Free Network Browsing Round Up

Happy new and mber month to everyone, happy we all are alive to be in this new month and pray 🙏 for God bless in gguidance and protection throughout this month and mber month as well.

Back to business if you have been browsing with money or at a high rate data bundle then i bet you must be a real joker, peeps are enjoying etisalat social pack Unlimited Free Browsing, streaming, downloading etc or even mtn 5GB at N70. Let me make a round up of the September 2015 working free browsing or cheap data bundle plan.

Etisalat Social Pack(smart pack) 
Etisalat Social Pack have been working since two months now and unlimited at just N100 but i tell you this has been around since December last yr and i pray etisalat network will still let us keep enjoying it.
With etisalat social pack you can download anything you want, stream continously non stop and browse till your head and eyes can't take anymore(not good for your health).

If you are not aware about this then check my posts on etisalat social pack Unlimited Free Browsing With Psiphon Handler or Simple Android server and also How to bypass etisalat chat or social pack speed throttling(check free mobile browsing under labels for easy access)

Mtn Bis bundle plan
One of the cheapest data plan here in Nigeria just that for Android users you will need a tunnel software for it to work. Been working since September last year(now a year) though bbc was blocked but bb10 still work 100% till at the time of writing this.
With N70 or N350 or N1000 you will get 5GB worth of data for a day, week or month(bblite)  or N100, N500 or N1500 for BBMID. Like i said from it to work for Android user you will have to use it with simple Android server, Psiphon Handler or openvpn connect. But with a bb phone, is just direct.

Glo 1GB Or 500MB for N100 
This is also working but as the rule applies, you must receive a message from glo for you to enjoy it though am not using it(due to poor glo network signal in my area) is working 100%.

Airtel N100 Unlimited for a month 
Airtel N100 Unlimited for a month is still working but what i don't like about it is that it doesn't work on all browsers. Always prefer etisalat social pack or mtn bis bundle to it.

So that's it choose anyone you like but as at now, etisalat social pack is the best and everyone should go for it. If you have any question or problem holla at me through the comment box.


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