Openvpn Premium Servers For Etisalat Social Pack

Some of you have been asking me for openvpn server for this etisalat chat or social pack tweak and today you all have it.
But in truth and honesty i don't see any reason to browse with openvpn since Psiphon Handler can do it for me ie open any website and Internet apps and also stream very well with a fast ip.

Openvpn can do that for you but is not as fast as Psiphon Handler or Simple server in download speed but for you to attain a very high speed in openvpn connect then you will have to get a high quality premium servers which is not free, will cost you N1000 - N1500 to get. But this one i have here are okay but you can't compare the speed with Psiphon Handler or Simple server. If you Still need it then download it below

Etisalat Social Pack openvpn premium server 1

Etisalat Social Pack openvpn Premium server 2

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Please note that sometimes you will be getting authentication failed, just go to your application manager and openvpn connect and clear the data. Launch the openvpn connect again and import the file it will connect.


  1. I'm having problem downloading it. It won't download.

  2. @obiora is downloading, you can use ucweb to download it.

  3. If you are using opera mini just avoid the adverts and it will download.

  4. hello PLEASE how can i use this social pak cheat on PC. i cnt find any Simpleserver for PC that has been configured specially for it

  5. @chinedu you have to configure it yourself. Just edit the ini simple server setting and input for mtn bis and input the etisalat social pack settings. Maybe when I've time I will do it for you.

  6. Haaaa! nwanna Please/Thank you . it wud be highly appreciated. i opened the ini setings of the SS an altho i learnd to edit it and save. i didnt knw what needed to be changed and what needed to be left. so i just backed out. please if u can do it. it wud be appreciated. thank youu