Download Torrent Files With Psiphon Handler or Simple Server

Is very difficult or rather impossible to download torrent files on Android using Psiphon Handler or Simple Android server, but you can do that with openvpn connect
but the issue is openvpn server is very slow to download huge torrent files with.

I know many of us really wanted this and here's a trick to download torrent files with simple server or Psiphon Handler.

How to download torrent files with Simple Server Or Psiphon Handler 
First of all this method doesn't require torrent apps like u-torrent or bitorrent etc,but rather a website. So copy the download link of the torrent files not download the torrent itself.

After you must have copied the torrent download link, launch any of your browser and open this link here and paste the torrent link there.

After you must have pasted the download link there, click Go and wait for it to convert to a normal download file.

You will see the download link, click on it and download your torrent file.

But Note that openvpn connect can download torrent files with any torrent Android apps but it's very slow unless you will get a very fast premium server.


  1. I just tried out a new server that gives 3mb/second I can't believe my eyes.... I'll update you guys when I'm confident about this after I most have used it for 24hrs without any disappointment.

  2. 24hrs is very long na, pls share what you got here please.

  3. @afro biko pls share with us