Tuesday, 8 September 2015

How to Configure Psiphon Handler And Simple Server To Work With Etisalat social pack

Don't know why most of you are finding it difficult to configure their Psiphon Handler or Simple server to work with etisalat social pack(smart pack) tweak
, there's no big deal in configuring it cause it's so simple. If you are finding it difficult to configure your PSIPHON HANDLER or Simple server check out the screenshots and guideline below.

How to configure Psiphon Handler with etisalat social pack 
First of all download Psiphon Handler version 86 or 88 not 82, Psiphon Handler version 82 is a problematic Handler so don't use it.

Launch the Psiphon Handler and input the Settings like the screenshot below

Don't tick remove port and in the proxy type select real host, in proxy server input facebook.com or www.facebook.com or mobile.facebook.com.
In real proxy type select Http  and leave real proxy server blank and in real proxy port input 80 and click save.

Click option and also click more option and you will get to the window above, tick connect through Http Proxy, tick use the following settings and in Host address input your desired ip like for example and in port input the proxy port or 3128 in accordance with the ip. Disconnect the Psiphon Handler and exit the Psiphon Handler, launch it again and reconnect.

If you are using Psiphon Handler, it doesn't require you to change your network settings ip to port 8080. You can leave it blank or even use the etisalat default ip. 

How to configure Simple Server With Etisalat social pack 
This is where people complain most time to me which i don't know why, to me simple server is also easy to connect just that you must get a working ip for it to connect. Okay check out the screenshots below if you are finding it difficult to configure your simple Server.

This is where most people get it wrong in the injection line. When you get to the injection line press the arrow key or button on your phone keyboard four times i repeat 4 times and save it.

And lastly this one

If you follow these screenshots correctly, there’s no how it won't connect but Note that you must have a working ip and probably a fast one for you to enjoy it more and also for simple server to work your network settings must be as follows:Proxy server and port 8080, APN etisalat.

If you have any question or problem feel free to ask through the comment box.



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  3. Thanks @vicky and @ike i dey tell you no one should complain if he followed the screenshots correctly.

  4. Thanks bro, am so grateful pls I need the fastest ip address and port. Here is my whatsapp number +2348161808376

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  6. please i need a fast ip all d once i have are extremely slow.
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  7. please i need a fast ip all d once i have are extremely slow.
    By the way nice post.