How to Configure Autoproxy to Work with simple server

Some people have been asking me on how to set up their autoproxy to partner simple Android server to work with mtn Bis or etisalat chat/social pack. You have to know that autoproxy works with root access so for you to use this, your phone or tablet must be rooted and with iptables downloaded from Google play store to make it work properly.

With autoproxy powering your simple server, all your internet application will be connected as you know simple Android server doesn't power all the internet enabled application on android but with autoproxy you have no problem using your internet apps.

So if you are a novice, follow the guideline on how to set up or configure your autoproxy or to work with mtn Bis or etisalat smart pack tweak.

How to Configure Autoproxy Or Proxydroid to Work with mtn Bis or etisalat chat or social pack tweak 

If you don't have the autoproxy installed in your device please download it from Google play store and also proxydroid.

  • Launch your autoproxy and press the option icon at the top right corner. 
  • Select add new proxy, in proxy host input, in proxy port input 8080 and proxy type select http. 
  • Save and press the back button, you will the configured setting you made. 
  • If you want to connect it with simple Android server, after connecting your simple server minimize it and open the autoproxy and click on it or click connect but you have to make sure you have iptables installed on your device(download iptables from Google play store) and also your phone must be rooted for it to work. 
There's this other one called proxydroid, it also do the work of autoproxy that is helping simple android server to power all the internet apps installed on your device but autoproxy is more powerful and popular and you can also search for proxydroid on play store.


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