How To Install And Play Games With Data Files Or Obb On Your Android Device

Recently purchased an Android smartphone and wants to play hd games or any high quality Android Game sbut got confused on how to install it cause the game has both apk file as well as obb or data files. It happened to me when i bought my first Android phone in 2011, got so confused on how to install Android games with obb and data files.
If you new to this is very easy to do, no hard job and just install and play your Android HD or high quality games.

How to install Android Games with obb and data files

Please bear in mind that games downloaded from Google play store will automatically be installed but this tutorial is should incase or if you downloaded a game that has both the obb or data files from a website.

Let's say you downloaded this game Fallout Shelter from a website and the game is zipped cause mainly Android games that contains obb or data files are always zipped.

Fallout that's the way it is and you download it saved it to your SD card, would advise you to install 7zipper from Google play. Unzip it with 7zipper or any other zip app and you will see a folder with this name Com.bethsoft.falloutshelter,inside the folder there's an obb file. So what you will do is to go to your file manager and your internal memory(SD card 1) and Android, then inside Android create a folder with the name Obb and save it. Move the zipped file that is the game folder like com.bethsoft.falloutshelter to the obb folder inside Android(you can as well unzip the file directly to the obb folder instead of moving it there).

Install the APK file, sometimes the APK file will not be inside the com.bethsoft.falloutshelter folder. After you installed the APK file open and play your game.

If it's a data file like sim city contains data files, what you will do is to unzip it inside your data folder that is SD card 1>Android >data. Install the APK file and play your game

And that's it and as you can see is very easy to do no stress at all. So if you are new to this or the type that always install games with apk file only due to the fact that you don't know how to install games with obb or data files, try it now and enjoy Android hd games.


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