My Best Android Launchers To Have In Your Phone

Launchers offer yet another layer of customization for Android, and there are many different solutions available, launchers essentially replace your home screen.

What is Android Launcher :
Android launchers are apps that beautifies your phone's home screen or act as a personal assistant. You can personalize your Android home screen or app drawer with almost no effort. All you need is a launcher, also called a home-screen replacement, which is an app that modifies the software design and features of your phone's operating system without making any permanent changes.

So here are my best launchers i have installed in my device:


Nova Launcher is probably the most popular of the launchers available today, It’s also one of the few launchers that gives you a pure, unaltered Android experience. One of the unique things about this launcher is that it has endless amounts of customization. This is one of the must have launcher if you like launchers.


Action Launcher 3 is another fan favorite, opting to be the best launcher as far as design goes. Much like the Nova Launcher, Action Launcher 3 will bring you as close to stock Android as it gets, but it’s much more than that.
Action Launcher 3 lets you take control of your home screen, customizing it any way imaginable.

Action Launcher allows you to import from your existing layout from other launchers such as Apex, Nova, Google Now Launcher, Sense, TouchWiz and the stock Android launcher, so you’ll instantly feel right at home.


Smart Launcher 3 is another quality launcher, although it doesn’t offer the stock Android UI like the other two above do. It’s a unique and innovative launcher, following Google’s Material Design guidelines, but favors a more organized and seamless approach to the UI.
As for features, one thing that makes it stand out is its integrated lock screen, something that you would have to install separately with other launchers.


Apex Launcher is your best bet in terms of speed and performance, haven't seen any launcher compete with it in terms of speed. It offers unmatched speed, even with the cluster of features it offers. The launcher allows you to customize a lot, coming with its own advanced theme engine. From icons to themes, Apex Launcher has a lot of flexibility.

CM Launcher 

CM Launcher comes with multiple icon packs and beautiful wallpapers. The app also allows you to download many themes for almost infinite customization. This is probably my best launcher for now as it's so easy to locate or search for an app installed on your device. It also lets you know what Google trends in your country.

There are other good customisable launcher out there too that i installed though rarely use like Everything Me launcher, Go launcher, Next launcher, buzz launcher.

What's your favorite launcher, let's us know and check it out.

Note you can download these launchers through Google play store and also try and download their PRO version cause it got a whole lots of features.

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