Updated Etisalat Chat Pack Using Psiphon Handler

Etisalat Chat Pack with Psiphon Handler or Simple Android server is very frustrating when browsing and worst when downloading but i found out that that with a powerful strong ip, the speed will be better both in browsing and downloading plus with another Psiphon Handler.

How to subscribe to Etisalat Chat Pack 
Dial *200*3*3*1# and subscribe for the daily pack which is N50 not the N150 like in my previous post, but never mind it's Unlimited for a month.

How to Set your PSIPHON HANDLER 
Please is better you use Psiphon Handler with this etisalat chat pack than simple Android server cause Psiphon Handler seems to be faster when browsing and downloading.

Download this particular Psiphon Handler here

Set your Internet ip and port to and 8080

Launch your PSIPHON HANDLER and in proxy type select real host, and proxy server input mobile.facebook.com, proxy type select http and click save.

Click options, more options, tick connect through Http Proxy, tick use the following settings and in Host address input and port 8080 Press back and exit the Psiphon Handler and re-launch it again, you will see the difference with your other one or previous one i posted.

Note the speed depend on your location and i will be updating this thread on the latest development. Like i said forget about simple Android server as far as etisalat chat pack is concerned and use this Psiphon Handler.

If you are confused or having problem with this please let it out through the comment box.

Another update 
For your etisalat chat pack to be very fast, then do this.

dail this code *343*5# and wait for reply.

Dial *229*0# and wait for confirmation, this means opting out of chat pack. 
load #100 on ur sim and dail *200*3*3*2*1*1.your #100 will be deducted, this means opting into SOCIAL PACK which is very fast to compare to chat pack .
And finally use the above settings for your PSIPHON HANDLER or Simple Android server. Tonight i will be uploading openvpn for this etisalat social pack. 

New IPS update 
Use these new IPS if yours stopped working or very slow   3127   8080   8080  8080   3128   3128   3128   3128   

New update 

For you to bypass the etisalat speed throttling, you will have to be changing the proxy host like www.facebook.com,www.instagram.com, www.skype.com and any chat or social media media known to you. This helps to increase or speed up your slow internet connection coupled with a powerful strong ip and port and when your speed gets slow just switch off your data connection and tunnel apps and reconnect again and continue to do this till the speed increases. 

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