How to Use Openvpn Connect On Your Android Smartphone

Openvpn connect is a vpn tunnel software which helps to Android and ios users to access the internet or access a restricted site with the use of the application. Openvpn connect is one of the oldest vpn software produced by vpnbook which works with Android and ios device respectively though it also have a pc version.

Openvpn plays a huge role in the internet access in Nigeria as we have a very high cost of mobile data charges for Android and ios users as BlackBerry subscription is the cheapest in Nigeria. So openvpn was made to use BlackBerry subscription to power Android phone and as well as iphone device so as to get the cheap data services BlackBerry users do enjoy. Openvpn unlike the counter part simple server works with all browsers and internet applications without requiring to feature autoproxy or proxydroid for them to work with and that is the very huge role this vpn software plays and the edge it has over Android simple server.

Openvpn connect makes it so easy to stream your favorite videos, music without any issue and you can also play online games with it including gameloft online games. Simple server can not play online games even when powered with autoproxy or proxydroid and this makes openvpn connect to be ahead of simple server. Though some will disagree citing the fact that openvpn connect is too slowly for their liking but the major reason for that is because you are using the free servers but the premium servers are very fast when browsing, downloading or streaming with it. Below is a full tutorial on how to use openvpn connect on your Android smartphone.

How to use openvpn connect on your smartphone 
First download openvpn connect from Google play store, launch the app

To import the openvpn server(download)from my previous post), when you open the openvpn, click the option icon at the top right corner of your screen. You  will see many options click import

You have to know where you downloaded the openvpn servers like for example you stored it on your SD card, click the SD card

 Also locate the folder you stored or downloaded the openvpn servers, open the folder and click on the openvpn server and click select

Finally click connect

You can check vpn for more.

If you don't like the speed of openvpn connect then please you have to use Psiphon Handler which is far better when compared openvpn and whereas it is free to use without any hidden charges.
If you have any question or problem on this feel free to say it and let your problem be solved or your question be answered.


  1. it keeps saying HTTP proxy returned forbidden status code...
    and for the Etisalat chat pack it has 2 servers ...with a username and password

    you dint state where to use the password

    Good morning

    1. Sorry about that, the openvpn server for the etisalat chat pack has expired. On my way to the church, will upload more working servers when am back.

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