Increase the RAM Of Your Smartphone When It Gets Slow

A new smartphone is always fast when operating it but as time goes on, it began to be slow down nwhich is the RAM where all the actions or activities performed on the phone are stored.

Sometimes you might get frustrated the way your smartphone hangs especially if it becomes frequent. There is a way to solve this issue most importantly for those with low ram device.

The first thing to do is limit the use of widgets in your smartphone device and also live wallpaper. Live Wallpaper and widgets runs in your device background and there by taking a huge maximum of your ram and as well drain your smartphone battery.
Am not against you using widgets or live wallpapers, yes they are very beautiful and makes the device to look good but can also makes your smartphone not be fast when operating other things in your phone.

The second thing to do is to force stop or disable unused application in your device, they also takes a little amount of RAM in your smartphone. So i advice you if there are some apps installed in your phone which you barley use, please uninstall it or disable the app and by so it also helps to recover some internal memory of your device.

The third thing to do is to install catche cleaner, i will recommend Clean Master which helps to remove junks files and unwanted catche files from your phone. It also boost your device ram a lot. You can download Clean Master from Google play store.

With these tips, you won't be running out of memory i bet you and there is also a way to free up ram but it will require you phone to be rooted. Maybe i will do that in my next post.


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