Monday, 22 February 2016

Best Sites To Stream And Download Movies On Your PC Or Smartphone

In my previous posts I've been dealing on how to stream or watch movies on Android or ios device for free and i know you guys are enjoying the apps.
For now i don't think if there is an app for pc which you can stream or download movies and TV series apart from or xbmc(if you know any please correct me). So if you want to watch or stream movies on your pc or smartphone, i have some best websites which you can do that and also download for free.

Best site to stream or download movies 
  3. for tv series

These five website got all it takes in high quality movies as well as streaming. You can also download or stream with your Android smartphone, but i have for mobile sites live my best during my symbian days) and 

But if you are using Android smartphone, just download HD cinema, Show Box and TV Portal for your movies/tv series and download needs.

Dolphin browser plays a huge role if you want to watch online movies or TV series from your smartphone(Android) unlike UC browser or opera even Chrome browser. So copy any of the website you want and paste it on your dolphin search engine and watch it from there but make sure you have dolphin Jetpack installed.



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