Monday, 1 February 2016

How to send Zip or APK Files On Whatsapp For Android

Sending files,zips or apk is one thing that whatsapp restricted its users from doing on the application unlike telegram and the other ones which you are able to send any
file format to anyone you are chatting with, but there is a way to send any file format on WhatsApp for Android device which i know that some of you doesn't know about it.

I will be showing you guys how to send any file format on WhatsApp with your Android phone or tablet.

How to send files, apk, zip or Rar on WhatsApp with your Android device 

  1. The very first thing to do is to download Dropbox, install it, create account and log in to it
  2. Download and install cloudsend, launch the app, you will go through a quick tour and swipe from right to left on your device’s screen. It will ask you to authorize this app by the end. All you have to click Allow. In your Dropbox folder, a folder will automatically be created named “CloudSend”. You will be able to control it completely. After completing the authorization close the app. 
  3. When sending any type of file, press and hold the file through file manager and choose Share button and choose cloudsend from the pop up screen 
  4. Wait while the selected file is being uploaded on CloudSend folder created on Dropbox. The time of file transfer depend according to the connection speed and size of the file. You will have two options after completion of upload – Copy and Share. Either you can share file or copy the link of any file directly.
  5. When you select Share, you will be able to share your file in different platforms like Email, Whatsapp, SMS, Google+, Facebook and other apps your device have. You have to Select WhatsApp.
  6. It will prompt you to choose WhatsApp contacts you want to share that link with. Share that link with your desired recipient. It will show link with file name. If file is supported on your friend’s device, it will show the preview of file. Or file can also be downloaded through other browser.
So with this method, you can send any file with your whatsapp app to your whatsapp friends. 

If you have any question or problem on this, express it through the comment box thanks. 



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