Browse free on mtn Internet with Psiphon Handler

Since the introduction of Psiphon Handler to the latest tunnel software we have in Nigeria, things gets better as one can make a choice on the particular software to use for his or her browsing and special thanks to dzebb for making this application free to use.

 We have been using Android simple server or openvpn to connect our Internet apps through the use of mtn bis subscription which is only mearnt for blackberry phones. But these two apps helped us to use the mtn bis on our android phone.
Psiphon handler act as one probably like the openvpn which helps us to connect our apps be it BBM, Instagram or whatsapp without powering it with autoproxy or proxydroid in the sense that it works direct without needing any tunnel software and is very fast when compared with openvpn or simple server.

What i likely about this application is the ability to power all my required internet apps without featuring autoproxy or proxydroid and this app can also help you to stream videos on your device without any atom of hanging or too much buffering of your videos.

How to use psiphon handler on mtn Internet subscription 

Psiphon handler like i said before act like ss or openvpn and doesn't require you to root your phone or tablet, you can use to it power all your apps when you subscribe to mtn BlackBerry Internet data bundle(bis subscription) or use it with the mtn opera mini free browsing even on other networks just like ss or openvpn for Android.

Psiphon handler with mtn BlackBerry Internet data subscription(mtn bis)

  • Go to your network settings, you Internet access point should be, your Internet proxy server should be and port 8080 
  • Download psiphon handler from Here, install and launch the app
  • Set your PSIPHON HANDLER with these pics below 

Click save and it will start connecting, stop it from connecting and click more option, set the other settings like the pics below 

After that start the psiphon handler and you are good to go.

If you want to connect it with mtn opera mini which is what am using right now and it works with all my browser, BBM, Instagram or whatsapp and also free of charge. Change the ""  to Just only that nothing again, start it and browse or download the way you like or even stream any app.

Please note that Psiphon Handler doesn't require autoproxy or proxydroid to be able to power your internet apps, it is a vpn and works on its own without a third party application or a supporting application for it to be able to power your internet apps.

Please if you don't understand this or have a question, you can ask me that.

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