How to browse with Etisalat Chat Pack Using Simple Server Or Psiphon handler

Etisalat smart pack is now trending in the Nigerian internet world, since the introduction of etisalat smart pack last year December it has been on low key before it was revealed that one can use this subscription plan to browse free on both smartphones and tablets including pc too.

Etisalat Nigeria introduced their smart pack data plan mainly for social media apps but it was tweaked in a way that one can use it to access the whole internet apps on a device by powering it with psiphon, simple server, http injector, openvpn connect and tweakware. These are the apps that can help you to use the etisalat smart pack(social pack and chat pack) on your Android, ios and Windows Mobile smartphone and can also be used on pc through XT181 and simple server. There are other apps to use this on pc but this two is the best especially if you are new to tunnel applications.
You know this is only mearnt for chatting or browsing on Facebook and chatting on whatsapp but we tweaked it in way that it is been used to browse the net and download also.

First download these files

Psiphon handler
Simple Android Server

Dial this code*200*3*3*1# cost N150, you will be given the etisalat chat pack data bundle.

Go to your network settings and change the proxy server to and proxy port to 8080
Access point is Etisalat.

Launch simple Android server and set it like this
proxy host:


injection query/url:


injection line : press enter key four time

log level: debug

close ur simple server and connect,you can use auto proxy to make all aplication work.

Set it like this
First of all go to your network settings and leave proxy server and port blank, and access point should be Etisalat.

open ur psiphon handler
tick remove port
proxy type:select real host
click save.
go to option and select region as united state.
tick tunnel whole device.
enter more option and also tick "connect through http"
still on more option tick "use the following setting"
host adress:
close and connect

That’s is it, choose the one that suits you most.
Note it's capped at 60mb but on most sim its unlimited in the sence that after exausting the 60mb u will be given a fair usage which is unlimited then speed throlling applies.

If you have any question or problem please feel free to post it in the comment box.


Download this particular Psiphon Handler from this link here

In your PSIPHON HANDLER change this ip from to

With that particular Psiphon Handler and ip your PSIPHON HANDLER will be very fast. Check out my updated Etisalat Chat Pack Using Psiphon Handler in my latest post to get the full configuration.

Check out my latest post on how to bypass etisalat chat or social pack speed throttling. 


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