Best Power Bank To Buy and how to identify the Original and Fake Ones

Buying original and good quality powerbank is one thing we should consider when buying a powerbank cause buying a fake or poor quality one can damage your phone or the battery and if your phone is a non removal battery you know what it means and if it is in this country getting a battery for another battery for a non removal battery cause it will cost you must.
 One should be very careful when buying a powerbank and there have been several cases of power bank getting burnt and just imagine if your device was plugged to it, it will burn with the power bank too. So if you are planning on buying a powerbank for your mobile phone or tablet even pc, see the very best list of good and quality ones to buy in Nigeria as countries have their own best selling brands and you won't regret buying one.

Romoss Power Bank 

Romoss powerbank is one of the best or probably the best Powerbank sold in this country, the capacity and the battery is very powerful that it last long when full charged. The sense4, solo5 and above romoss power Bank is mostly the best which can charge an iPad, a tablet or mobile phone battery of 4000mah up to 4-5 times before it runs down.
But there are so many fake romoss power Bank in the market but i will help you on how to identify the original and fake ones.

This romoss power Bank is actually the fake one, beside the USB port what is written there is output and input but in the original ROMOSS power Bank what is there is an arrow symbol like this pic

Original romoss power Bank comes in an old rough carbon carton while the fake one is in plain brown paper.
With this i think you can identify between the original and fake romoss power Bank.

Lumsing Power Bank 
Like i said in my previous post that this powerbank isn't popular here in Nigeria or probably isn't sold here, so there is no fake one for now. And this power Bank is better than romoss due to the battery quality made with Original SAMSUNG cells and premium microchips, plus high quality Li-ion battery.
It Charges all iPhone four to five times, tablets or any mobile device.

One plus powerbank
Powerbank Specifications:

-Dual USB ports and premium Li-ion battery cells encased in a sleek aluminium casing
-Elegant curves and Anodized aluminum shell Design
-Protective Casing Beautifully textured aluminum surface
-Vibrate or shake OnePlus power bank to see the power capacity remained from the indicator
-Super-sized 10000 mAh capacity, as energy-dense as Tesla cars
-Premium Li-ion battery cells from reputable suppliers such as LG and Panasonic, with energy densities up to 725Wh/L,
2.5 full charges for OnePlus Phones
4 full charges for iPhone 6
2.5 full charges for iPhone 6 Plus
4.5 full charges for iPhone 5s

Will continue in my next post stay tuned.