Mtn Unlimited Opera Mini Free Browsing at N0.0kb Balance

We are in the era of cheap data plan cause it was announced that is powering with mtn to give Nigerians free mobile and pc browsing through the use of operamini as operamini is the most used browser in Nigeria.

This innovation was announced last week in website and this is very good friend we internet users as we can access the internet for free and a duration of two to three months. And the major reason why naij is giving Nigerians free internet is to promote their website and to help the poor youths to enjoy internet services which is very costly in this country. So I want to share with you guys on how to make it work with other browsers through the use of Android Simple Server or Psiphon Handler or any tunnel software for Android.

If you using simple server, see the configuration below and configure your own too.
Go to your network settings and in proxy server input and port 8080, APN
Download the Android Simple Server from Google play store, open it and change the injection query url to and also change the injection host to and power it with autoproxy or  proxydroid, start the ss browse and download.

If you want to browse with only opera mini, just go to and active your sim, then connect and browse with it. If you want to use this on psiphon handler just input in real proxy server and don't change any other thing if you were once using the mtn BB10 bis.

As it is this is totally free without any charges or having a kobo in your mtn sim, no need for that and even if you have any airtime or credit i tell you it won't be deducted at all as it will remain intact till you make calls with it. We all have to thank naij for this great innovation and also helping the masses to browse and access the internet for free without any hidden charge.

Note: make sure you go to to activate it and have the latest opera in your phone if you want to browse with only opera and if you want to use it on your Android phone you must have a tunnel software like Psiphon Handler, simple server, tweakware and openvpn connect or XT181 if you are on windows pc.

This is so simple and easy and if you have any question or problem about this post feel free to ask as we continue to enjoy our free browsing courtesy of


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