How to use MTN Bis on Android Phone With Simple Server

MTN Bis On Android Phone still works perfectly well and very very cheap to afford. This is the best data plan i will recommend for any person that wants to purchase an internet data bundle. This plan which is mearnt only for blackberry users but with the help of tunnel softwares like simple server, Psiphon Handler, openvpn connect etc it can be used on Android and ios device. And this mtn BB10 Bis is very affordable there by making it easy for the poor and average to afford it. Below are the list of mtn BB10 Bis subscription codes and their prices.

How to use MTN Bis On Android Phone 
For you to use mtn bis on your Android phone, you will have to first of all subscribe for the mtn bis BB10 data subscription.

Mtn bblited-N70 for 5gig send bblited to 21600
Mtn bblitew-N350 for 5gig send bblitew to 21600
Mtn bblitem-N1000 for 5gig Send bblitem to 21600

If you don't want this process, simply dial *123# and select data services, select BlackBerry plan and click BB10 then click more and you see other options, choose the your preferred plan. This will require tunnel software and i recommend Psiphon Handler so download it or you download simple server for Android.

How to configure simple Android server with mtn bis on Android phone 

When you download the Android Simple Server from Google play store, launch it and configure it like this.

  • Listen port should be 8080
  • Proxy host is and proxy port is 8080 
  • Injection method select Get or head
  • Injection query/url input 
  • Injection host input
Make sure your Internet settings are 
Proxy server -
Proxy port - 8080

You can power the Android Simple Server with autoproxy or proxydroid so as to work with all your Internet apps.

Mtn BB10 Bis settings on psiphon handler 

Go to Google search and search for Psiphon Handler version 100 and download it and after that launch the Psiphon Handler and configure it like below.
  • In proxy type select real host 
  • In proxy server input or 
  • In real proxy type select http and in real proxy port input 80
  • Click save and go to option and more options 
  • Tick connect through Http Proxy 
  • Tick use system network settings 
  • In host address input And port 8080 
  • Click back and exit the Psiphon Handler 
  • Open the psiphon handler again and click save, it will connect then. 

With the settings above connecting your simple server or Psiphon Handler won't be difficult and the subscription is the cheapest mtn data plan so far which any device would enjoy be it Android, ios, Windows Mobile and pc. You can use Psiphon Handler, simple server, tweakware, openvpn connect etc but today i only posted Psiphon Handler and simple server but next time will post more.
If you got any question or problem please feel free to ask thanks.

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