Best Android screen recorder

As the world is growing in technology as many new techniques and tips about smartphone is coming out. Before it close to impossible to record your mobile device screen even on Android but as it goes now it is very possible with some useful applications.

Screen recording is very useful cause you can use it to record a video, music or your browsing on your device and send it to a friend or anyone. If you are into YouTube videos, you can use use screen recording to record whatever you want and put it up on YouTube without going about to look for a camera to make your video though i must say it is not as sharp as when using a camera to video and the resolution isn't great so if you want to make a quality video please use main camera as screen recorder won't give you the best clarity and sharpness.

Though the resolution and sharpness isn't that great but it tried and i would list the best two which you can use to record everything that is going on on your device and you can also hide the recording symbol whereby you give someone your phone and switch on the receiving without the person's notice and record everything he or she did with your phone. So below are the best screen recorder to have on your Android smartphone;

Rec Recorder 

Rec. is an Android screen recording app with an elegant interface, when you open the app, all you need to do is adjust the bit rate and duration according to your preference before you tap on ‘Record’ at the bottom to start.

You can also enable audio recording and name your recording before you start the recording as well, and you can also hide the record notification so that no one will know that you are recording your home screen. The cons of this recorder Audio recording is inevitably poor but other wise is a very good screen recording app.

Download Rec recorder here


Recordable is the easy way to create high quality screen recordings on Android. It also allows you to record everything that happens on the screen of your Android device without having to root the device.

The video files created by this app will be saved as MP4s on your device's memory and the resolution will be the same as the resolution that your Android device has, so the quality is usually excellent.

Download Recordable here

So thats my best two Android screen recorder, though there are quite number of them in Google play store but i prefer this two. If you have better ones, you can share with me.


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