Best Compulsory Android Apps Every Android User Should Have

Good evening guys, i want to show you guys the best Android apps of this 2015 which is a must have for every Android users all over the world.
As i have shared with you guys the best Android launchers and also best Android keyboard, so today am going to share the best Android apps of 2015.
So if you recently purchased a new Android phone or you are new to Android just check out the list of best Android apps of 2015.

Clean Master

Clean master is an Android app that always keeps your phone tidy and to perform very well, speed you phone and free memory space. It protects your phone from various vulnerabilities and malicious apps and also removes unwanted files as well as junk files.

It also acts as a task killer, which helps you to stop or eliminate unwanted app that is running in your phone's background and makes your device slower.

Clean Master is a very useful application that always keeps your device clean and optimized.

Download Clean Master from this link

Avast Anti-virus 

Avast is undoubtedly the best software when it comes to anti-virus and security. Avast includes anti-malware and strong set of anti-theft features, along with Web shield that protects you against the risks that you are exposed to while browsing the web.
Other features of the application include a firewall, a web shield and a call and message filter that will allow you to send calls from some numbers directly to your voice mail or to spam.

Download Avast Anti-virus here

 ES File Explorer File Manager 

ES File Explorer is a great tool for managing files and programs in an Android smartphone. This comes with lots of features such as tools for killing running application, direct cloud storage via Dropbox, Google Drive or Skydrive and an FTP client so one can use it on both pc and Android phone.
It can also help to decompress zip or Rar files and also copy, paste, rename, cut, create and delete.

Download ES File Explorer here

DU Battery Saver

Du Battery Saver , capable of optimizing the use of the battery and extending its life.It just out a diagnosis of its status and the app itself will apply any of its templates to save battery on your phone.
In the Battery-saving modes you can choose from three preset modes: General, Long Standby and Sleep mode and goal of all modes is maximizing your battery life in a way that most fits you the best.

In healthier charging, DU Battery Saver also gives you three options for charging: Fast Charge, Full Charge and Trickle, which are supposedly healthier ways to fully charge your battery while your phone is plugged in.

Download DU battery saver here

Adobe Acrobat Reader 
Adobe Acrobat Reader is the free, trusted leader for reliably viewing, annotating, and signing PDFs. It's also a PDF reader that focuses on simplicity and speed and organizing your documents with Adobe Reader is also a pleasant experience.

It automatically detects PDFs on your phone and displays them when you hit the Open button located at the top bar that appears when you touch the screen, or via Adobe Reader's menu options.

It offers three viewing modes - Fit to screen, Continuous Scroll and Reflow text. Which is the most comfortable depends on the type of document you're reading.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader here


AirDroid is an application that allows you take control of your Android phone or tablet from your PC. It is a tool for Android users to transfer files, paste text and links and access contacts and messages from their Web browsers of their pc to their Android mobile devices.

Download AirDroid here

Google Chrome Browser 

Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the Web faster, safer, and easier.
This Android version of Chrome uses the same rendering engine and code base as the full desktop version, so your experience will be both familiar and consistent across the Internet.

Google Chrome offers features that make it fast, like instant search results and your history right from your URL address bar and it's also designed to save you some bandwidth.

If Google Chrome browser didn't come pre-installed in your Android phone, then download it here

Microsoft Office 

Microsoft Office has officially been launch for Android tablets and mobile devices, bringing Word, PowerPoint and Excel to these midsize devices, letting you create and edit documents, presentations and spreadsheets that will sync with OneDrive so you can work from anywhere.

Android versions of Word, PowerPoint and Excel let you quickly browse and open recent documents from your OneDrive or Dropbox account and can also create new projects using a variety of handy templates.

Download them here
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel 
Microsoft PowerPoint


Facebook for Android allows you to: update your status, share links and photos, write private messages (through Facebook Messenger), comment on friends' updates, 'Like' pages and comments, and configure your profile from your mobile.

The chat feature in Facebook for Android allows you to record voice messages and send them to your friends. It supports 'Chat heads', which are shortcut icons that appear over the top of Facebook, offering you a shortcut to a conversation.

If it didn't come pre-installed in your Android phone, download it here


Instant messaging is one of WhatsApp Messenger 's main features. In fact, this application enables to exchange instant messaging to your friends and contacts. With a quite awesome pretty interface, you can also enjoy of a group conversation with your contacts if needed. If you are away, the application can record your offline messages so that you can read later on. Apart from that, users can also transfer multimedia files to contacts.

It can also send you multimedia files that you can play thanks to your mobile phone multimedia player and what makes it interesting is that it requires nor pins nor usernames.

If whatsapp doesn't come pre-installed in your Android device, then download it here

MX Player 

This powerful media player supports just about every major video format and even plays audio.There are options to change the theme of the player and to enable/disable buttons in the interface.
This comes in handy when you're trying to decode high resolution video files, letting the GPU help with decoding instead of relying on the CPU and even supports multi-core decoding, taking advantage of more powerful Android devices.

Download MX Player here


SuperBeam is a file sharing app that allows you to quickly and effortlessly transfer files between two devices.
SuperBeam allows you to share any kind of file with another device using WiFi or WiFi Direct, functioning in much the same way as Bluetooth sharing and can also send files from within applications using the 'Share' button.
You can share files with another SuperBeam user via the app, or to any WiFi connected device via their other person's web browser.

Download Superbeam here


  1. what is the font name on that whatsapp screenshot

    1. Is actually pre-installed ie lg g2 D802 font.

  2. Does this mean MX player is better than VLC?

  3. Chinedu yes of course, you can't compare MX player with vlc player. Vlc player is the best on pc but for Android is MX player.


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